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Mike Gibbs (mandolin)
Chris Kershaw (guitar/fiddle)
Luke Nathan (bass)
Richard Johnston (spoons/percussion)

Based in Surrey, England, THE FREE RADICALS play folk music taking inspiration from traditional celtic music, bluegrass, Ukrainian dance music, and other influences mixing it together to produce a unique sound. Taking the basic four instruments of mandolin, guitar, bass and spoons, with occasional fiddle, harp and percussion, TFR have a distinctly acoustic vibe, but don't conform to the traditionalist image of many modern-day folk bands. Born in the pubs of Godalming, Surrey, TFR are essentially a live act, but have spent time in the studio to produce two albums 'Out Of The Hedge' and 'Hydon's Ball' which have an electric and psychedelic edge to their normal acoustic sound. You can catch the band at one of our local gigs in pubs or at festivals in Surrey and Sussex, check out the listing on the gigs page. You are guaranteed a rip-roaring, foot-tapping time!


Welcome to the website of The Free Radicals. On these pages you can find out more about us, from our music, our background, and upcoming gigs. If you want to come and see us play, then here is the place to find out the details. Or if you haven't heard our music yet, then use the player to the left. Happy listening!

There's more TFR information on our Facebook page, and more music at our Soundcloud site. Also click on the YouTube button to the right to see our video of 'The Ray Mears Song', our tribute to the explorer and survival expert himself.





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